The Centre that Powers the Road

The Centre that Powers the Road is an ongoing project to explore and record the history of Derby West Indian Community Association and the importance of Caribbean heritage in the history of the City of Derby.

About the project

Arriving and Settlement in Derby

Britain faced a severe labour shortage after the Second World War. Through the 1948 British Nationality Act the government turned to its colonies, encouraging its citizens to come and work in Britain.

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Establishing Community

By the 1970s Derby West Indian Community Association(DWICA) had supported its members to arrive and settle, and the community began building its presence in the city.

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Caribbean Carnival

Derby West Indian Community Association's (DWICA) Chair, Solomon 'Ricky' Walters, felt the community needed to build a cultural legacy in Derby. In 1975, after tireless fundraising and planning, DWICA held their first 'Festival' of Caribbean culture at Moorways.

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The founding members of Derby West Indian Community Association (DWICA) have passed away, and the last of the Windrush generation are reaching retirement age, but although some faces may have changed, DWICA continues to support the most vulnerable in its community - particularly the oldest and youngest.

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