This leisure activity was commonplace in the Caribbean and as such the Windrush generation recognised more so now living in Derby that having playing dominoes was a good tool for social cohesion amongst their peers.

From 1985-95 DWIA planned home and away matches with hot Caribbean refreshments followed by evening entertainment with music and dance.

Dominoes Timeline

Raising money for Philippines Typhoon Disaster

In response to a national campaign DWICA Dominoe team and DWICA membership raised £1440  for the Philippines Typhoon Disaster NOVEMBER 2013 and duly sent the funds to official body The Philippines Typhoon Appeal Disasters Emergency Committee

Wednesday Games Night

DWICA has a long history of hosting visiting teams to play in tournaments or city verses city competitions. In addition, staging weekly (Wednesday) dominoes & darts evening sessions for DWICA / non DWICA Dominoe players. The coronavirus pandemic has meant the organisation had to stop all weekly sessions post pandemic has meant that Dominoes sessions are now part of the re-established Wednesday weekly activities “games night” an evening session which includes darts and other board games.   

Dominoes Lecacy

To conclude full recognition must be given to the late Mrs Hilda Douce a key DWICA member / volunteer to establish DWICA Dominoe teams.  A trophy and competition in her name created, as part of DWICA dominoe legacy. 

It should be recognised that Dominoes is still a popular pastime amongst the Windrush 1st to 4th Generations.